Cement Production

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Xuan Thanh Group (Thaigroup) has invested in a number of cement plant projects with a total investment of thousands of billion.

Cement production, core business has brought success to the corporation together with the brand is always known: Xuan Thanh Cement, Kaito Cement, Thaicement, …

Cement of Xuan Thanh Group (Thaigroup) is produced by high technology, modern and advanced in the world, always the perfect choice for civil works with three advantages as follows:

Firstly: high strength cement – This property creates concrete, medium strength, shorten the time of construction or reduce the amount of cement needed. Customers are assured in the pouring of concrete: nails, columns, beams, floors, ..
Second: good workability makes mortar, concrete more flexible, makes workers easily. This feature plays an important role in completing the construction of the house: plaster, smooth, tile, slab
Third: stable quality – This is the most important characteristic that Xuan Thanh Group (Thaigroup) always poses with all its products. Thanks to this property, the house will be of good quality even though the construction period lasts.

A stronger pioneer in the field of cement production using high technology, Xuan Thanh Group (Thaigroup) has been investing to expand and build some large cement plants with installed wire equipment. Europe’s modern lines, quality assurance and environmental safety. Typical plants include:

1. Xuan Thanh Cement Plant in Ha Nam with the brand of Xuan Thanh Cement PC30 / PC40, Kaito PC30 / PC40 Cement with a capacity of 6 million tons / year.

2. Minh Tam Cement Plant in Binh Phuoc with Kaito Ha Tien Cement Brand with the capacity of 4.5 million tons / year.

3. Xuan Thanh Cement Plant in Quang Nam with the brand name Xuan Thanh Cement Pc30, PC40: capacity of 3.6 million tons per year.

4. Thaicement Ha Tien Cement Plant in Kien Giang with Thaicement Ha Tien brand: capacity 4.5 million tons / year.

Xuan Thanh Group’s large-scale cement plants, when put into operation, will provide employment opportunities for thousands of local workers and provide quality products to the local market. The country contributes to balance supply and demand, stabilizes the market and exports some products to foreign markets, increasing foreign exchange earnings for the country.

In Vietnam, cement was the earliest developed industry (to serve the French rule), from 1899 in Hai Phong. At present, Vietnam’s cement production capacity is over 60 million tons. The capacity of Thaigroup’s cement plants (Xuan Thanh Group) is currently the third largest cement plant in Vietnam.

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